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Single rotary knife sheeter machine success installation

Jan 10,/2022

This is a CHM-1400 model high precision paper roll to sheets cutting machine. Success installed in a Chinese domestic paper converting factory. They will use the machine to mainly cut single coated cardboard paper sheets and high bulk paper roll to sheets.
In recent years, the demand for high bulk paper has been increasing. The high bulk paper is light in weight but maintains the quality and thickness of the original paper, can reduce the amount of pulp used, and can also reduce the environmental pollution load and save energy. In addition, due to its light weight, it also has the advantage of saving transportation costs. At present, the demand for light weight of book paper, printing paper, etc. is particularly strong. The single-line books and art books printed on these thick papers, new books with few pages and thick books, give people a sense of existence and a sense of accomplishment after reading, so this type of book is better to sell. Lightweight paper is not only suitable for printing fine books, picture albums, etc., but also for printing student textbooks.